Residential Closings

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Residential closings are all unique and for some it is the first time purchasing real estate, our attorneys, closer’s and processors at Premier Florida Title,  will make the process as smooth as possible guiding you to a successful transaction. 

We provide the following residential real estate services at our licensed Florida Title Agency, Premier Florida Title ™:

  1. Preparation of residential closing documents;
  2. Coordinating residential title orders;
  3. Clearing title issues;
  4. Preparing and conducting the closing of the residential closing;
  5. Residential Escrow Settlement Services;
  6. Residential Title Insurance; and
  7. Title search of the Property’s records;
  8. Title examination for the sale, loan, foreclosure, short sale, or workout transactions;
  9. UCC searches- state and local filings;
  10. Escrow services for deposits, documents, post-closing matters and other business transactions;
  11. Conducting and/or coordinating settlements for the real estate transfer;
  12. Title insurance – commitments, policies and endorsements;
  13. Title insurance – owners, lenders and lease holders;
  14. Tax exchanges under IRS code 1031; and
  15. Obtain residential title insurance commitments, policies, and endorsements- for property located throughout Florida.

Below are some of the types of transactions we handle or have handled in the past:

  • For sale by owner closings;
  • FHA Closings;
  • VA Closings;
  • Residential real estate investment purchases and flips;
  • Double Closings for residential property;
  • Refinance of residential property;
  • First time home buyer closings;
  • Residential short sales;
  • and many more….


If you choose to work with us, our title processors, closer’s and attorneys will be with you every step of the process, to answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions regarding commercial closings, please contact us.

Real Estate Closing FAQ’s

  • A Purchase & Sale Agreement also known as a real estate contract, puts into writing the agreement between the Seller and the Buyer, outlining the price, mortgage terms (if any), closing date, and other agreements.
  • An escrow deposit is money paid by a buyer to show the buyer’s good faith in making an offer to purchase property.
  • All lenders require that the closing costs for the loan include a lenders title insurance policy to protect them against any such title claims.
  • Handing over the keys to the buyer at the end of closing is known as “delivering possession of the property to the buyer”.
  • Remote Online Notary
  • Florida Land Title Association
  • Florida Realtors
  • Florida Notary Service
  • The Fund
  • Old Replublic Title
  • Orlando Regional Raltor Association
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